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Parents and Guardians,

Whooping Cough (PERTUSSIS)

We have been advised that a student in a Year 3/4 class has been diagnosed with Whooping Cough (Pertussis). It is possible that your child may have come into contact with the student at school.  If your child has received all the scheduled doses of whooping cough vaccine, the risk of disease is low.

Whooping Cough is an infection that causes bouts of coughing, and sometimes breathing difficulties and vomiting. It can be a very serious infection in young babies.  It usually starts with a snuffle or a cold and can last for many weeks.

If your child develops these symptoms, please take your child to the local doctor as soon as possible and advise the doctor that a case has been diagnosed at your child’s school. Whooping Cough is treated with antibiotics to prevent it being passed onto others, however it has little effect on the illness of the individual. The coughing may persist for several weeks.

Adult immunisation is recommended for pregnant women and those caring for young children.

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Yours sincerely,


Sue Fisher


Humpty Doo Primary School


18 October 2016