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All Stars Special Centre

The All Stars Special Centre caters for children with moderate to severe intellectual disability and or multiple disabilities. There is an entry criteria for enrolment in the Special Centre setting. This is in line with the Northern Territory Department of Education Disabilities Policy (2012).

Classes are small and programs are developed and delivered by a Special Education Teacher and Special Education Support Officer. An Education Adjustment Plan is developed to meet the individual needs of each student.

All programs include functional academics, daily living skills, and community access and leisure and recreation components.

Daily Living Skills

Students in the All Stars prepare their own recess and lunch daily. Their independence and well-being is developed through explicit teaching of cooking and household tasks, shopping, food preparation and table etiquette. Bus travel and road safety are addressed, along with grooming, personal hygiene, health and human relations. Social skills and protective behaviours are explicitly taught. Well-being is enhanced with the use of the Engine room.


The All Stars run the Stephanie Alexander Program, maintaining edible gardens, harvesting and preparing food, and sitting together to share what they have made. Students engage in regular physical activity as they, dig holes, push wheelbarrows and shovel compost. Various tool licences are earnt as students learn practical skills and safe handling of tools in the garden and kitchen.

At the back of the school lies the Lillyman Garden, a place where students go to learn about sustainability, as they grow, harvest, and share fresh seasonal produce. The school cares for an orchard of forty fruit trees, chooks, and edible gardens. This is done through the Student Garden Club, integrated curriculum projects and class rosters using the facilities of the nursery and compost bays.

Community Access

Life skills such as shopping and locating regularly used places, identifying and reading appropriate signs to locate places and follow directions, road safety and eating in a variety of environments to help reinforce and learn appropriate social behaviours.

Leisure and Recreation

Students are given an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of Leisure and Recreation activities within school and at other schools and locations. Art is one area that students can explore their creativity. A weekly outdoor education program provided by Total Recreation which can include swimming, netball, Australian Rules Football, cricket, soccer, athletics, basketball, table cricket and orienteering.

The All Stars students join in events with the whole school such as Sports Day and Assembly. Where applicable, students join mainstream classes for different lessons dependent on the need and ability of each student.